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Roast Duck 燒鴨£7.90
Lemon Chicken 檸檬雞£7.80
Curry King Prawn 咖哩大蝦£8.80
Curry Duck 咖哩鴨£8.80
Curry Squid 咖哩鮮尤£8.80
Curry Lamb 咖哩羊£8.50
Curry Beef 咖哩牛£8.50
Curry Pork 咖哩豬£7.80
Curry Chicken 咖哩雞£7.80
Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce King Prawn 豉椒大蝦£8.80
Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce Duck 豉椒鴨£8.80
Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce Squid 豉椒鮮尤£8.80
Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce Lamb 豉椒羊£8.50
Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce Beef 豉椒牛£8.50
Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce Spare Ribs 豉椒排骨£7.80
Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce Pork 豉椒豬£7.80
Green Pepper Black Bean Sauce Chicken£7.80
Ginger Spring Onion King Prawn 姜蔥大蝦£8.80
Ginger Spring Onion Duck 姜蔥鴨£8.80
Ginger Spring Onion Squid 姜蔥鮮尤£8.80
Ginger Spring Onion Lamb 姜蔥羊£8.50
Ginger Spring Onion Beef 姜蔥牛£8.50
Ginger Spring Onion Pork 姜蔥豬£7.80
Ginger Spring Onion Chicken 姜蔥雞£7.80
Oyster Sauce King Prawn 蠔油大蝦£8.80
Oyster Sauce Duck 蠔油鴨£8.28
Oyster Sauce Squid 蠔油鮮尤£8.80
Oyster Sauce Lamb 蠔油羊£8.50
Oyster Sauce Beef 蠔油牛£8.50
Oyster Sauce Pork 蠔油豬£7.80
Oyster Sauce Chicken 蠔油雞£7.80
Shredded Chilli Beef 干牛絲£8.60
Sweet Sour Fish 咕老魚£8.20
Sweet Sour King Prawn 咕老大蝦£9.20
Sweet Sour Pork 咕老豬£8.50
Sweet Sour Chicken 咕老雞£8.50

Chef Recommendation

Cold dish

Cray fish



Hot Pot


Mains 2

Set Meal


Rice & Noodle



Spicy Fish

Szechuan & Northern

Tomato Egg 番茄炒蛋£7.20
Aubergine in Sea Spiced Chilli Sauce 魚香茄子£9.80
Fish in Hot Chilli Oil 味緣水煮魚£18.80
Fish with Pickle Cabbage 酸菜魚£18.50
Chilli Chicken Chong Qing Style 重慶辣子雞£12.60
Kong Po Chicken 宫保雞丁£9.60
Deep Fried Pork Intestines 干煸肥腸£12.80
Beef in Hot Chilli Oil 味緣水煮牛肉£17.50
Spicy King Prawn Sichuan Pepper 香辣虾£16.80
Pan Fried Spicy Pig Kidney 火爆腰花£10.80
Dry Braised Sea Bass 干燒魲魚£18.80
Green Beans with Minced Pork 干煸四季豆£9.20
Sichuan Pig Intestines 香辣肥腸£11.60
Shredded Pork Sea Spiced Chilli Sauce 魚香肉絲£11.80
Delicious Fried Diced Rabbit 滋味兔丁£11.80
Steam Tofu with Diced Hot Pepper 剁椒蒸豆腐£9.20
Sichuan Pepper Fried Frog Leg 花椒美蛙£11.80
Braised Chicken with Mushroom 小柴雞燉磨菇£18.80
Special Cooked Braised Pork Belly 一碗香£11.80
Aubergine in Yellow Bean Sauce 大媽香燒茄子£10.20
Dry Fried Ribbon Fish 炸烹刀魚£16.80
Fried Lamb with Cumin 孜然羊肉£12.60
Special Cook Pig Liver 風味豬肝£9.60
Shredded Potato with Hot Chilli 醋溜土豆絲£8.60
Stir Fry Chinese Leaf and Black Fungus 醋溜白菜木耳£8.80
Dry Bean Curd with Chilli Pepper 尖椒干豆腐£9.80
Potato, Aubergine n Green Pepper 地三鮮£9.80
Beef Flank with Sweet Tomato 西紅柿牛腩£10.60
Beef Strip with Enoki Mushroom 金針菇肥牛£10.80